The Dayton Pagan Pride Day is an affiliate of The International Pagan Pride Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the elimination of prejudice and religious discrimination through education, activism, charity and community. By providing accurate information and showing the greater community a glimpse into the Pagan culture, there is hope to lessen the view of prejudice. Pagans are business professionals, homemakers, artists and students. Pagans don’t always fit the stereotypes given to them. Pagan Pride celebrations are held annually around the world.

Items of non-perishable food will be accepted and donated to the local food bank. The food drive provides participants the ability to share with others while making a positive statement about Paganism.

Our hope is that you would take this opportunity to experience a first-person view of not only what we do but how we do it. By doing so, our desire is that you might gain a better understanding our beliefs and practices, even if you differ in religious opinions and approach. Attending any Pagan Pride event will provide you with basic information about our spirituality, so that both experience and knowledge can combine to open lines of communication and to identify common ground. With that in mind, please feel welcomed to join us on an informative journey into the sacred circles of contemporary Paganism.

Most Pagans enjoy a religion emphasizing respect for nature, humanity, and oneself. Modern Paganism is a growing religious movement based on combinations of ancient polytheism, modern eco-spirituality, and reverence for the Divine as both masculine and feminine.

The event is sponsored and organized by the Dayton Pagan Coalition (DPC). The Dayton Pagan Pride Day and The International Pagan Pride Project are not affiliated with any specific pagan tradition or religion.