We are excited to welcome the following guests for presentations for this years 2018!

Lady Rhea

Gardnerian Witch Queen of New York, Priestess and cofounder of the Minoan Sisterhood, author of “The Enchanted Candle” and “The Enchanted Formulary: Blending Magickal Oils for Love, Prosperity, and Healing”. She has played an important part of the growth of Paganism and Witchcraft in New York. Come see what Magick she has brought to Dayton!
Hosting the Midday Ritual and Presenting New York Hoodoo and More with Alexander Cabot.

Alexander Cabot

Ordained Priest within the Cabot Hermetic Temple founded by Laurie Cabot, initiate of Palo Mayombe and Santeria/Yoruba/AfroCuban Tradition. He also served as the right hand man for an Oriate, Chief High Priest for many years after. He has also been trained in the Gardnerian Wicca tradition.
Hosting the Midday Ritual and Presenting New York Hoodoo and More with Lady Rhea.

Iyalorisha Eleri Ocha

Priestess in Santeria and a Yaya N’kisi Molongo priestess of Palo Mayombe
Presenting Speaking with the Dead – Altar Construction and Developing Mediumship within Espiritismo Cruzado.

Elizabeth Ruth

Vodou Priestess, Rootworker, and Witch
Presenting Vodou 101 a history of Haitian Vodou, its beliefs, and deities. You will also learn basic, non-initiate rules for serving the Lwa.

Tina Dare

Priestess of Bastet and ordained member of Circle Sanctuary founded by Selena Fox.
Presening: The Bastet workshop will discuss the history and modern devotional methods for working with this particular Egyptian Goddess. Attendees will also experience a mini ritual.

Patti Wigington

Editor of About/ThoughtCo’s Pagan & Wiccan site for over ten years. She is the author of two books on modern witchcraft, “The Good Witch’s Daily Spell Book” and “Wicca Practical Magic.”
Presenting Asphalt, Concrete, and Steel – Magic for Urban Pagans. A practical introduction to working magick in the urban landscape.

Oberyn Kunning

They are an initiate of two major Houses of traditional witchcraft: the Old Faery tradition and the WildWood tradition.
Their workshop will be centered around Witchcraft and the Queer Counterculture.

Dramatic Rhythms

Dramatic Rhythms was formed in 2015 by music producer/performer DaShane Watkins as a musical and visual arts performing group. World fusion beats with hand drumming and heavy percussion manifest a type of spirit temple rhythm that moves and captures the audience attention with a unique musical/visual experience! Dramatic Rhythms visual artist consists of very talented performers that have trained for years in the arts of belly dancing, flow arts, and fire spinning. When combined together it creates a dramatic rhythm experience like no other!