Dayton PPD invites musicians, dancers, bards, storytellers, small troupes, magicians, acoustic performers to join us for the festival!

If you’d like to busk, please review the below agreement and contact our PPD Workshop Coordinator at to join in!

Dayton PPD Busker Performer Agreement

We all want to make this a fantastic Pagan Pride Day! We agree to stay courteous and respectful by abiding by these rules:

  • All buskers must be pre-approved with the PPD Workshop Coordinator to perform at the event, and will coordinate a specific timeframe in which they will be performing.
  • Buskers check in with the PPD Workshop Coordinator before performing on the day of the event.
  • There is no fee to busk. CDs and merchandise sales are allowed within the confirmed busking time from the performance location (guitar case, tapestry cloth, etc), however setting up a table to sell merch will count as a booth and will be subject to vendor booth rules.
  • No personal amplification without approval through the PPD Workshop Coordinator.
  • NO BLADES OR FIRE due to park laws.
  • Buskers stay to main walking areas: do not perform in vendors’ tents or in workshop spaces when a workshop is in progress, and do not obstruct flow of foot traffic.
  • Please be cognizant of noise levels: please try not to interfere with nearby active rituals and workshops or vendors who need a quieter space.